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> I will be getting a playstation soon and I was wondering which Gundam game
> is worth buying? Thanks.
> axis

Ok, here's my opinion:

*you should definitely get Zeta, the gameplay isn't appreciated by
everybody but the cutscenes are really fantastic and the two player mode
is an excellent Virtual On.

*I'm far less enthusiastic about Char's Counterattack, it has very
little replay value and the cutscenes could be on a Saturn (their
quality really sucks). OTOH, the game starts in UC 0092 and there are
new scenes; the one I particularly loved: Amuro is on the La Kairam and
dreams of Lalah, then you see Char is having exactly the same dream and
finally gets up in the middle of the night, note Nanai is lying by his
side, then he goes to his desk and on this desk, you see blueprints of
the Nu Gundam.

*SD Gundam G Generation is a good game, provided you can bear the
loading times. It features lots of MS (like 400) including GM Quell,
Neue Ziel II and that kind of things. But as Kota mentionned you should
wait for G Generation Zero to come out then (it's scheduled for summer),
although it won't focus on UC.

*then, you have a winner: Giren's Greed! It hasn't been released yet but
if it's half as cool as Saturn version then it will be great (in fact it
looks even better with new factions, new MSs and new events!).

*along those lines there's the Super Robot Wars series: it's a cross
over series featuring sunrise mechas, I personnaly love it and the plot
is often great. The second part of the latest installment of that
series, Super Robot Wars F Final (released one year ago on Saturn), is
coming out this month and there's a collection of three previously
released games slated for June (it will feature Super Robot Wars 2 from
famicom/gameboy, Super Robot Wars 3 from Super Famicom and Super Robot
Wars EX from Super Famicom, my favorite).

So, I guess any gundam fan looking for video games should consider
having a playstation (at least until Colony no ochitachide comes out on
Dreamcast this June!)
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