Re: [gundam][OT] The Matrix the deep philosophical debate!

Bernard Ng (
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 09:40:54 PDT

>Have any of you ever played or heard of the RPG called Mage: The
>Ascension. The movie was directly influenced from it. Just with a
>few things changed. The basic concept is a bunch of mages fighting
>for control of reality (In our time). Mages are awakened humans who
>realize that reality can do there bidding. Thus with enough power,
>they can make reality do whatever they wish. Stop bullets in mid
>air, speed themselves up, turn someone into light energy. What does
>this really have to do with the topic? Well essentially it is a far
>cry from Gundam, since the supernatural element is far weaker in
>Gundam. That and I just thought it might be cool to point out the
>Matrix's concept. Sorry about the OT.

YOu play?? Man, I have been playing it for 6 years.... Way COOL RPG.
Man you are telling me that Matrix is influenced by Mage.... THis I
got to see.... Sorrie for the OT. but it's mage.

PS: anyone know the release dates for the PG Zaku and MG Dom in
Singapore?? Also any good anime rental shops?

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