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Marcel Tualla (
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 12:35:39 -0500

> I'm ordering the 1:144 Katoki MK-II from HLJ; it's the best version
> of the MK-II I have seen. I wish Bandai would have stuck to Katoki's
> version for the MG MK-II

Oh I thought he did do the MG ver. Who did do the redesign of the kit?
Also in looking at the two kits (I'm assuming you are talking about the
1/144 HG kit) I really don't see to much cosmetically difference between
the two kits. Aside from the typical proportion differences
(disregarding scale), maybe some diffences in the waist section and some
thrusters here and there, IMHO I would have to say the two kits look alot

> That Big Zam is a kick, too. I hope they give Ka free reign on these
> new Guncannon and Gyan kits.

What were the MS numbers for those Suits?


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