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> Oops, I deleted the msgs before I reply them... anyway don't want to
> drag
> it out. 1. we are getting too close to spoiling this good movie for
> many
> people, 2. the Matrix is not a brainly movie, not exactly worth this
> kind
> of debate. If you think you understand something I don't, maybe you are
> right! But just two little response.
> Agent Smith's "personality": I am not talking about his technical
> ability
> as sentinel or his limitations to the laws of the Matrix. I am talking
> about if I were the director/writer (fat chance, boy!) I would maintain
> his coolness through that scene facing Morpheus. I think Smith is one
> of
> the best villians in recent memories, because he's an arrogant SOB, but
> not a lunatic. In fact I would stand him firmly on the side of calm
> reason. And have Morpheus and his paranoid gang fighting irrationally
> for
> freedom and misery.
> It's a purely artistic personal preference of mine, not something that
> can
> be debated. I accepted you point of view in my first reply, can't you
> accept mine?

This is my take on Agent Smith. As a Sentient Agent program, he will experience
time faster than normal human in the Matrix. Yet, he knows that so as long as
Zion existed, his work in Matrix will not be over. It's quite a bit of torture
to know that you are immortal, and after having spent what seemed to be eternity
in a place you hate, you still have eternity to go. I'd go mad with that
knowledge myself.

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