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>heheh, this is way off topic, but I had my wisdom teeth taken out in january -
>man that's good stuff ain't it? I couldn't feel a thing for like a whole day! it
>was great! <grin>

        My entire family are in danger of becoming addicts...! ^_^
(Ollie, don't you dare say "that explains everything!" ^_-) My brother
had his jaw realigned under morphine, my Dad had his back fixed under
morphine, and my last bout of dental surgery, I seem to remember this
bright white light and this voice saying "its me, Lalah... "
        ...maybe. ^_^
        Also, the guy who designed the Zakurello had to be on


>> Morphine is used more widely than you might think. I had all 4 wisdom teeth
>> out a few years back and was surprised to find that that's what I'd been
>> given...


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