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Egan writes,

>One thing I noticed is that there hasn't been a definitive name for the
>Crossbone Vanguard's escapades near Jupiter

  Damn straight! And, in the last volume of Crossbone Vanguard, the
Jupiter Empire flat-out invades the Earth (and nearly nukes it into
oblivion). I think that would make a bigger impression than the largely
out-of-sight Cosmo Babylonia battle.

>or whether fictional
>historians in UC would consider those and Cosmo Babylonia to be phases of
>the same conflict (a la Gryps, or one interpretation of it).

  I doubt it - this is a ten-year gap, after all...

>My rational side thinks this makes sense, although my other sentimental
>half is still resisting the implication that the Delaz Conflict is more of
>a space war than the Gryps War.

  The Gryps war went on much longer, but what were its physical effects?
A couple of colonies detroyed (okay, that does affect millions of people,
but their neighbors might remain more or less oblivious). A colony drop
on the moon, which missed the nearest lunar city. The destruction of the
almost-vacant Jaburo base. And a broadcast speech by the Red Comet. Well,
okay, that's a pretty major set of events.

  On the other hand, the Delaz Conflict involved a similarly broadcast
declaration of war (and one that was witnessed by people who _weren't_
watching C-SPAN at the time), a nuclear attack on Solomon that took out
half the Federation fleet, and a colony drop that buzzed the moon en
route. I'd say that's maybe a tie with Gryps.

  As for Hamaan's Neo Zeon, we get another colony drop (with much higher
casualties than Delaz's) and the capture of Dakar. Char gets another
broadcast declaration of war (this time on the Late Show or whatever), an
asteroid drop on the Federation capital, an attack on Luna Two, and the
visible weirdness with Axis. Frankly, everyone on Earth was affected by
that one.

>the Delaz Conflict was wiped off the UC records though, I think it might
>not be remembered as one of the seven Space Wars by After War reckoning if
>the two timelines were combined.

  Though one wonders how much of the Delaz Conflict it would even be
possible to erase. I mean, everyone on the moon saw the colony pass
overhead, and the fact that it landed on Earth should be fairly obvious...

Okay, here's a Grand Unification scenario for you.

  First, the Universal Century cycle. Throw in a few more rounds of
escalating and never-resolved Earth-versus-space conflict, eventually
leading to the 7th Space War. Thus we get the oh-so-UC-like After War
saga of Gundam X, complete with newtypes and conventional space colonies.
At the end of the story, an 8th Space War is averted, but not for long.
Cue another round of conflict, drop all the colonies, and the skies are
clear for later series.

  Civilization rebuilds. New colonies are created by each of Earth's
nations, this time as sanctuaries for their ruling elites. The Gundam
Fight is instituted to keep the peace. At some point this high technology
is lost, the new colonies destroyed or abandoned, and humanity returns to
Earth once more. Who knows, maybe Chaos War II breaks out and makes
everyone forget all about G Gundam.

  Okay, one more round. For philosophical reasons, I'd like to place
Gundam W last, since it's the only Gundam universe where the fundamental
problems are actually resolved and a lasting peace is established. Thus
the human race enters a long twilight of happy stagnation, eventually
regressing back to the pastoral bliss of Turn A's scenario.

If you don't buy that, then maybe Turn A's Earth is a patchwork planet
like in Orguss, made up of chunks of alternate Earths from all the
previous Gundam series. <grin>

>^^ I wonder when historians in the UC Gundam or Macross world will start
>noticing the unnerving tendency of the drawn-out wars to last almost
>exactly twelve months. =P I remember people half-seriously dubbing Zeta the
>"Second One Year War."

  Heh! The tendency was further abetted by Shindosha's taking the episode
air dates as the event dates for their timeline. Thus, if the series runs
twelve months, so does the story...

-- Mark

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