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At 7:37 PM -0700 99.4.7, Mark Simmons wrote:
>Chien Ting Chin writes,
>>errr... almost completely. I think continuity breaks should be
>>considered heavy-handed devices, like a colony-drop! If you use it too
>>freely, it's gonna pollute everything. And personally, I think anime in
>>general (not necessarily Gundam) use it rather too nonchalantly.
> I agree it's used nonchalantly - witness the gratuitous saving of Ma Kube
>in Gundam III - but at this point, I've decided I don't particularly care.
>To my mind, people who get their knickers in a twist about whether Exedore
>has a blobby green cranium or a smooth redheaded one, and how to account
>for the differences between the Macross TV series and movie, are simply
>taking themselves too seriously. (Egan, that's not a slam on you - rather,
>I'm disappointed with the Macross creators for feeling this even needed to
>be addressed.)

No slight taken. ^^ The reason I still write about Macross continuity is
because people still continue to ask questions about it.

To the Macross creators' credit, the explanation about Exsedol's head was
buried in a footnote in one of the Macross 7 laser disc liner notes. The
point was addressed, but I think the explanation is made less odious by its
offhand placement. It's on the same level as the Gundam Mk. II book entries
and model manuals that now offhandly mention the linear seat and panoramic
monitors were developed in 0079, to explain Gundam 0080's RX-78NT-1.

The Macross: A Future Chronicle and Gundam 0083's epilogue -- now,
*those* are blatant, major industrial-grade continuity bandaging. ^^

> In a nutshell, I've come to feel that fretting about continuity is
>largely a waste of time. For all that I complained about 08th MS Team's
>fundamental abuse of Gundam history, these days I think it should be more
>or less evaluated on its own merits. I can forgive even the insertion of
>random mass-produced Gundams if the story justifies it (which, up until the
>last couple of episodes, 08th MS Team wasn't really doing...).

I think the old saying about faint praise applies quite well to 08th MS
Team. ^^

Egan Loo
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