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At 8:42 AM -0700 99.4.7, Prabal Nandy wrote:
>> alleged founding date is most likely nothing more than an arbritrary date
>> coined centuries later by a guess grounded in legend.
> Then we have no idea WHAT the year 2345 is really based on... great. I
>guess it doesn't really matter anyway, since it is off in its own freaky

I think you might be taking my analogy with the Roman calendar system
beyond what I intended. ^^; According to the preview articles, there is no
question that Turn A Gundam takes place two millenia after the dawn of the
space age -- but the people of Earth themselves may not know that, circa

>> takes place in 2345 does not necessarily mean that the people on Earth have
>> any substantial records from the year 0001.
> Hm, but you'd think they'd have at least some broad general knowledge of
>the 'era' that the calendar was founded on. My point is, that if they know
>that there was a point from which space-travel began and they have even
>_legendary_ knowledge of THAT time so far back, then they _must_ have
>knowledge of all the subsequent massive spacewars that occurred. If that
>is the case, it's kinda hard to think that they should be surprised when
>they see MS or dig one up.

The preview articles haven't said that the people of Earth themselves have
broad general knowledge of the calendar's founding. (We the audience, and
even the Moon Race, might know, but it's stated often that the people of
Earth don't know much history or technology.) Even if the people of Earth
knew that "2345" refers to the space age, that doesn't necessarily mean
that they know about wars or mobile suits beyond old wife's tales.

To draw a real-life parallel, the Christian calendar system is be based on
Jesus Christ's birth, calculated (with perhaps some margin of error) by a
monk centuries later. But that doesn't mean the typical French peasant in
the Middle Ages would know anything about Emperor Constantine and his
conquests under the sign of the Cross, the Holy Roman Empire, or the split
between the Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox factions. They might have
heard about the persecution of early Christians because of its liturgical
value, but it's almost in the interest of the local clergy to keep in the
farmers in the dark about the half of the Christian population who do not
follow the Pope. With a certain amount of restraint, these analogies seem
to describe the situation for Turn A Gundam.

But this is all rampant speculation. Isn't second-guessing a series before
it starts fun? =P

Egan Loo
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