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> As if the OYW was popular... Remeber how in Pre-Neapoleonic wars,
> people would line up, shoot at each other, stop, break for tea, and
> THEN get back at it? When war was more than fashionable? Perhaps
> that's what the Zanscare people were thinking, at least in part.
> After all, they had a Queen to figurehead for them, and idealisms to
> rid the Earth of its Human pestilence. Thoughts on this?

OYW is anything but a war in pre-Napoleanic era war. Or, what I should say
is that War is brutal, be it pre or post Napolenic. I tend to believe that
certain wars, especially the wars that was close and personal (before
firearms) were rather brutal. No tea time for the warriors of Scotland as
they fought under Wallace, nor were the wars in Roman Empire Era. I
remember hearing about the naval battles in Asia, where Japanese Fleet were
rather bruised badly by Admiral Yi of Korea (of Shilla, I think) and his
fleet of Turtle ships... something about soldiers being impaled at the
protective spikes on the Turtle ships...

War recently has become somewhat less brutal, because of all the high tech
vehicles. But even in recent wars, it was very brutal. One need only to
see the results of Vietnam War...

It's a certain, twisted, idealism that war is beautiful. However, war was
isolated from civilians. During Civil War of US, people would oft picnic
near the area of battlefields. However, modern war and its weapons have
blurred the distinction between civvies and soldiers. In essence, once you
start a war, everyone is a soldier of some type...

Y. "War is Fantastic my Ass" Choe

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