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>Hi, Egan!


>>Ooh, these are topics I've been wanting to discuss:
>>1) Which events can be categorized as minor conflicts and which were major
>>2) How many have there been?
>>3) How many different names have been invented for some of the wars?
> Well, I'd be hard-pressed to put most of the UC conflicts in the same
>category as the One Year War - most were far from global in their impact.
>The Delaz Conflict was largely swept under the rug, Char's Neo Zeon
>uprising was just a week-long crisis, and the Cosmo Babylonia conflict
>was confined to the four colonies of the Frontier Side.

One thing I noticed is that there hasn't been a definitive name for the
Crossbone Vanguard's escapades near Jupiter, or whether fictional
historians in UC would consider those and Cosmo Babylonia to be phases of
the same conflict (a la Gryps, or one interpretation of it).

> On the other hand, how can you describe any conflict in which large
>objects get dropped on the earth as a minor conflict? Maybe we should
>define any struggle involving a colony drop as a "space war," since this
>is after all the ultimate act of spacenoid-versus-earthnoid aggression.
>In this case, the Delaz conflict and the first and second Neo Zeon
>uprising would qualify. And Angel Halo may not have actually hit the
>ground, but I'm prepared to classify it as an honorary impactor. :-)

My rational side thinks this makes sense, although my other sentimental
half is still resisting the implication that the Delaz Conflict is more of
a space war than the Gryps War. Maybe I'm too biased towards Zeta. ^^ Since
the Delaz Conflict was wiped off the UC records though, I think it might
not be remembered as one of the seven Space Wars by After War reckoning if
the two timelines were combined.

> And, for that matter, the One Year War is often referred to as the Zeon
>War of Independence - especially before it was over, at which point
>nobody knew how long it would last. ;-)

^^ I wonder when historians in the UC Gundam or Macross world will start
noticing the unnerving tendency of the drawn-out wars to last almost
exactly twelve months. =P I remember people half-seriously dubbing Zeta the
"Second One Year War."

Egan Loo
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