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Mark Kuettner (
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 23:28:30 PDT

>Mark Kai writes,
>>Could this be Tomino's big joke to all the skeptical Gundam
>>who whine constantly about the lack of continuity in Gundam?
> You know, I sometimes wonder whether Japanese fans really worry
about it
>as much as Americans. Every great anime franchise - Yamato, Gundam,
>- and even merely popular ones - like Tenchi and Bubblegum Crisis -
>multiple, incompatible, conflicting continuities. And this starts
early -
>the second Yamato TV series is an alternate version of the second
>the Gundam movies conflict dramatically with the TV series they're

I don't know how to judge this, but based on the series you mentioned,
you might have a case.

> Americans, on the other hand, are real bores when it comes to

This depends, to me anyway. Continuity, in the Gundam UC sense, has
become a game of Tetris. Wing and G seemed like a way of clearing
the screen for freedom from the various UC staples while still having
the recognizable Gundam in the story for draw power. If setting the
story in UC is going to hinder the quality, hey, screw continuity.
But I'm even more impressed with those who make a great UC story and
avoid continuity gaffs, then.

>Every piddling little detail has to be attended to, and fans blow a
>when the creators mess up some piece of twenty-year-old trivia in
>or Star Trek.

Don't you think there's a line of respect to be drawn, though? I don't
sweat the small stuff, but where do we stop? How big a goof do you
have to have before you step back and realise the mess that has been

 Then there's DC Comics, with these escalating
>reboots; at this point they've made such a mess of things that every
>of years they have to blow up the universe and start over again. Give
>happy little continuity screw-ups any day...
>-- Mark

I see what you're saying. Being anal about continuity leads to "Crisis
on Infinite Gundams", while continuity screw-ups keeps things in
check. Hmm.

Mark Kai

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