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On 5 Apr 99, at 9:46, Prabal Nandy wrote:

> > >technology and they are just now literally digging up fossil mecha
> > It's a weird concept, I'll admit, but one that has been lurking around
> Yeah, but it's SUCH a stereotype in anime!
> I mean, L.Gaim had it, Five Star Stories is full of it, Orgus had it,
> Escaflowne is essencially about it, Nadesico had it, Gundam Wing had it

I don't think that's the case in Five Star Stories.

K.O.G. was hidden, but it's a brand new state-of-art design, hardly

Juchoon was mothballed with Clotho, but what MH did it beat up?
Patraqushie Mirage, aka Destiny Mirage, aka D2, orignally Arusqul
Mirage, a prototype for the development of both K.O.G.and Led
Mirage So what we had is youngest Blanche Fatima used a newer
MH to defeat older Blanche Fatimas in older MH

Science wise, the Joker System didn't suffer much of a decline
during its first 4,000 years. Stagnant, yes. Decline, I don't see
any. .The difference is in the Diver power/Spriitual power. The old
Super Empire was so advanced in that department, they turned
themselve into energy crystal form and wanders off. The ability to
manipulate embryo to create pure blood headliner is lost. But that's
not a technology decline as it had been done with "the force". The
trait became rare recessive gene spread around the population.
With inbred old royal families having advantages over others. While
the old pure genetic material is better then modern diluted one The
old machine messiah is inferior to the modern MH. .

Now, in Turn-A, if they find the old artifical newtype in suspend
animation, useful as breeding stock for more Newtype, than it have
something in common.(The offsprings of pureblood headliners,
without the Diver Force intervention, will be inferior.)

While there are mecha in Nadeshico use techology from the Mars
ruin, I don't think there are any mecha are directly linked to them.

Jim Huang
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