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Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 22:51:14 PDT

>> People said _that_ about WWII.
>> Hasn't made that much of a difference yet, has it?
>> -Probe
>Sure it did. We have much smaller wars now. :)

That's only after forty-odd years of "mutual assured destruction"
syndrome, and just as much cold war to numb everyone to big wars...
But I digress; socially, economically and especially politically,
large-scale wars just don't work anymore.

Is this therefore what we see in Gundam? Could the motivation of the
Titans/Neo-Zion/Cosmo Babylonia peoples include such anti-big war
sentiment that they could operate without having to worry about a
full-scale war? That they'd feel confident in ultimately overthrowing
the Government of the day because war is so unpopular?

As if the OYW was popular... Remeber how in Pre-Neapoleonic wars,
people would line up, shoot at each other, stop, break for tea, and
THEN get back at it? When war was more than fashionable? Perhaps
that's what the Zanscare people were thinking, at least in part.
After all, they had a Queen to figurehead for them, and idealisms to
rid the Earth of its Human pestilence. Thoughts on this?


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