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> Essay question: Aside from the simulator wars of Cyber Trooper Virtual
> On, how would you conjoin the subjects of virtual reality and Gundam-esque
> space opera? How would the use of humanoid fighting machines, the expansion
> of humanity into space, and the possibility of human evolution enabled by
> technology affect the use of virtual reality technology - and vice versa?
> -- Mark

Virtual reality is already used quite extensively in Gundam. All of the view
plain in an MS's cockpit, or a ships bridge, are using computer simulations
to extrapolate information the their sensors cannot acquire. The first
logical step should have been VR helmets. That would have saved a lot of
space and weight. And the pilots would not have any obstructions to their
view. With the left over space, the designers then could put in a linear
cockpit to counter gee forces. The whole view screen to view sphere thing is
a bit archaic, when today's technology is applied.

Another point, I always wonder why the psychommu system was use for weapons
control before communications. I could see having one or more MS's in a unit
with an extra New Type crew member that uses the psychommu system to channel
the units communication uninterrupted by Minovsky particles. Then, each MS's
computer would interpret the thought waves as audio and visual components for
combat coordination. Or, on the Side level, A boosted psychommu broadcasting
system would allow all of the colonies in a Side to share communications in
the same way we do today. Bigger boosters could be used to interconnect
Sides. With VR technology, New Type and non-New Types alike could use this
interface for communications, recreation, and learning. This mass
consciousness should allow faster than light communication for all of

But the down side is that, again, New Types will become tools for humanities
use. Instead of living weapons of war, they will be living Internet servers.

What a horrible thought.

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