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> wheat and it doesn't rot. Do *you* wanna try to trade for a new Gundam
> model? What if the store keeper doesn't think a bucket full of seashells
> is worth anything?

heheh, I never said it was perfect, but I get bored a lot and babble about these
things. ;-) anyhow, gotta try to defend myself, so here goes:

> I defy you to define "right" in such a way that it can be applied universally
> to everyone from differing cultures and belief systems without argument.

hmm... that's like asking me to tell you what religion is the "true" religion -
anything I could come up with would most likely result in at least one person
complaining. believe what you will, I hold "right" as "right," an undefinable
term. "right" could be justice, fairness, heck its all a bunch of really hard to
define terms. How 'bout "that which is not wrong" and wrong can be "that which
is not right." yeah, that's the ticket...

> Anarchy "based" on something? That would imply rules, laws even. Idealist?
> I think you have your definitions a little confused. Anarchy would create
> *more* intolerable bullshit. Laws are irritating, confusing, etc., but at
> least they can enforced by mutual agreement.

I guess "based" is the wrong word then. A society (or a world!) built on the
noble ideals that I mentioned wouldn't have any need for a ruling governmental
body. The only catch is that people would have to have relatively the same
mindset, something akin to that book you mention below. (which, by the way, I am
now going to go out and buy!)

> Only 18. That does explain a little. Wait till you see how complicated the
> world *really* is, what a stone cold bitch Luck can be. It'd be nice if you
> can find the way through the bullshit. Don't bet on it, though.

see that's the thing I was talking about earlier - people made it complicated,
the world isn't complicated but society is because of the people who exist in
it. I honestly have no idea why, but from what I've gathered it's just that
there's a lot of stupid people in the world. I've never really worried myself
much with details, its the big picture that counts in the end anyhow.
Occasionally one of my friends will ask me how it is that I manage to get
through most things with either minimal effort or concern... I know that the
details aren't important, and if you focus on the end goal everything else falls
into place.

If you don't like the "complicated" aspects of society, then blow 'em off! If
you can get something done your own way, then do it your own way, forget
protocol. That's the way I look at it, at least.

> Ha ha, ya, that'll win you points with people. James P. Hogan (yes, he is
> one of my favorite authors) wrote a book called "Voyage From Yesteryear"
> which much better describes what you're looking for. The premise is that
<plot stuff snipped>
> with the colonists. But even the colonists had a few laws such as not
> allowing murder and such. A really good read.
> Alfred.

well, like I said I'll have to hunt it down and give it a read or two. I hope I
clarified some of my points, though. (I always have a problem with that...

Matt "the voice of flawed logic" Hanyok
"The more you know, the less you understand." - Tao te Ching

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