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> Have any of you ever played or heard of the RPG called Mage: The Ascension.
> The movie was directly influenced from it. Just with a few things changed.
> The basic concept is a bunch of mages fighting for control of reality (In
> our time). Mages are awakened humans who realize that reality can do there
> bidding. Thus with enough power, they can make reality do whatever they
> wish. Stop bullets in mid air, speed themselves up, turn someone into
> light energy. What does this really have to do with the topic? Well
> essentially it is a far cry from Gundam, since the supernatural element is
> far weaker in Gundam. That and I just thought it might be cool to point
> the Matrix's concept. Sorry about the OT.
> -

Yes, indeed, Matrix come from the Virtual Adapt and Void Engineer aspects of
Mage: the Ascension. I've play this game for years, and the movies did it
justice. In one game I was in, Iteration X, a bad guy group, sent 18 meter
tall piloted robots that carried cannons like rifles they named "Su-Kaz" to
assault a Sons of the Ether strong hold (7 Sides, I believe). Of course, the
Sons were also working on a pet project based on a very popular animation
series, and were able to field their "White" Suit just in time. Then, the
Sons took this little war to the Xers. It was some really good fun.


PS-When I heard the storyteller say Su-Kaz, I immediately had to have a
"White Suit." With a big smile, the storyteller gave me free reign. If was an
awesome game session.
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