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> a bit. I think the basic conclusion I reached is that it is our own fault
> things are so complicated - money exists because somebody a couple o thousand
> years ago thought it'd be a good idea, and it stuck...

Find a better system for the time way back when. You can do a certain task
or provide a certain food, but you are not self-sufficient. But that guy
over there can repair the boat you have. He doesn't grow shit. So, you
trade him food for service. Great. But what if his religion prevents him
from eating what you've got? He starves, your boat sinks. Money is the
middleman, a credit system that says your one or two skills can earn you
X points *if* anyone wants to pay for it and you can trade them in for other
things with their own points value. Money is more portable than bushels of
wheat and it doesn't rot. Do *you* wanna try to trade for a new Gundam
model? What if the store keeper doesn't think a bucket full of seashells
is worth anything?

> How? Well, I personally think we should erase all forms of economy, first of
> all. The problem is, no one wants to do that. I also think that laws SUCK,
> coming from a guy whose never even gotten a speeding ticket), and that people
> should bypass them to do what is "right." I think I favor a human race where
> Anarchy rules, but its based on generosity, knowledge, wisdom, and good
> old-fashioned common sense, not money or power. Call me an idealist.

I defy you to define "right" in such a way that it can be applied universally
to everyone from differing cultures and belief systems without argument.
Anarchy "based" on something? That would imply rules, laws even. Idealist?
I think you have your definitions a little confused. Anarchy would create
*more* intolerable bullshit. Laws are irritating, confusing, etc., but at
least they can enforced by mutual agreement.

> And for the record, I'm 18 - I'd gladly be doing something about it (forgin

Only 18. That does explain a little. Wait till you see how complicated the
world *really* is, what a stone cold bitch Luck can be. It'd be nice if you
can find the way through the bullshit. Don't bet on it, though.

> unfortunately, on a broader scale, the book and I have reached the conclusion
> that for humanity to reach such a point, we need a bit more than an
> earth-cracking (or earth-shattering!) impact. We need something along the
> of starting from scratch, and I mean finding the people of noble ideals
> (although I woudn't exactly define my thoughts as "noble" its the closest
> word I can come up with) and killing everyone else.

Ha ha, ya, that'll win you points with people. James P. Hogan (yes, he is
one of my favorite authors) wrote a book called "Voyage From Yesteryear"
which much better describes what you're looking for. The premise is that
the Earth governments were pretty sure they were going to wipe themselves
out so they made a colony ship. In it were zygotes of different humans
and enough robots, automated factories and computer stored knowledge for
the ship to set up shop on another planet. They send the ship off. It is
successful. Earth is *not* destroyed in a war. The Earth governments
decide that they need to take the colony world "under their wing". They
go there. The colonists have been brought up by droids so they have no
prejudices from their parents (no parents), they have no money, no religion,
just their education and a will to be the best at what they like doing. So,
for example, on that colony world someone who likes to draw would draw.
That's it, if that's what suits him. Food he can get from people who like
to grow/raise food. They don't care if people eat their food, they're proud
that people would want to. The artist would be happy that someone would
admire/request one of his pictures. And so on. The Earth ship crew cannot
find a way to influence these colonists at all because they are unconcerned
with money or power or prejudice and the Earth made products suck since they
were produced by lowest bid or whatever (like now) so they can't even trade
with the colonists. But even the colonists had a few laws such as not
allowing murder and such. A really good read.


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