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On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
> and, in Gundam III, the Guntank with a second Guncannon), some of the more
> dramatic conflicts include...

thanks, do you have all that at your fingertips all the times? You are
starting to scare me.

> I'm always leery of sweeping cultural explanations, but in this case,
> maybe it is true that Westerners are simply more anal. :-)

thanks for agreeing. But I wouldn't use the word anal. In my good old
oriental way, I will embrace both your love of truth and our love of

> for the differences between the Macross TV series and movie, are
> simply taking themselves too seriously. (... I'm disappointed with the
> Macross creators for feeling this even needed to be addressed.)

a while ago, I suggested using J R R Tolkien's (himself a perfectly
Western classicist/writer) view on scifi/fantasy story telling. That the
real Truth is not perfectly known, and a story must necessarily be
reconstructed/interpolated/extrapolated from facts, half-facts, myths and
downright lies. In that case, refinements on stories would of course be
OK as more "facts" are discovered. However, a writer should always strive
for a "perfect" reconstruction of facts. Tolkien himself spent much of
his writing time checking and refining tiny little fine details.

> I can forgive even the insertion of
> random mass-produced Gundams if the story justifies it (which, up until the
> last couple of episodes, 08th MS Team wasn't really doing...).

looking forward to it :)

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