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On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
> Quite likely, even now that virtual reality and a worldwide
> communications infrastructure are becoming realities, Tomino might have
> chosen to exclude them from Gundam if they weren't subjects he wanted to

Right, Tomino is a Heilein fan, not a Gibson/Dick fan.

> Essay question: ...
> how would you conjoin the subjects of virtual reality and Gundam-esque
> space opera?

Hehehe, you pose some tough ones. In terms of speculation about future, I
suppose that's not too hard. The linear control system (I am sure I got
that term wrong, but you know what I mean) is a VR system, right? And you
should have psycommu MS too, i.e. the pilot should be on a big capital
ship with a few meters of luna titanium plating far away and the psycommu
MS can duel it out. And on a strategic level, the HQ should have
operators who direct and coordinate the fighters and MS. Of course they
have that even back in 0079, only the interface should change from
keyboard and screen to VR interface. But I don't suppose that's the essay
you are looking for.

In terms of writing a good story, my feeble mind can't really come up with
a good answer. VR (I will switch the term to cyberpunk now, if you want
take some marks off my essay for that, that's ok :) Cyberpunk says the
important things are ethereal: information and understanding. Gundam says
the important things are corporeal: MS, colony, mineral resources.
Cyperpunk relies on having everything connected and electronicly
controlled, but M-particles, so crucial in justifying MS, gets in the way.
In a cyberpunk story, the coolest part (for me) is when someone develop a
self-doubt and lose his/er identity or sense of reality. In Gundam, the
coolest part (for me) is when a mecha stomp the shit out of some other
mecha. And it just isn't much fun if you ain't physically sitting inside
that stompin' mecha.

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