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> Subject: Re: [gundam][OT] The Matrix the deep philosophical debate!

> Essay question: Aside from the simulator wars of Cyber Trooper Virtual
> On, how would you conjoin the subjects of virtual reality and Gundam-esque
> space opera? How would the use of humanoid fighting machines, the expansion
> of humanity into space, and the possibility of human evolution enabled by
> technology affect the use of virtual reality technology - and vice versa?

You should read James P. Hogan's four Giants books. At some point in the
third book the human protagonists are introduced to the virtual world that
the aliens have devised so that people can visit other cities and planets
that are wired into the system. Sort of half-and-half virtual reality
because "wired in" means there are cameras and such to supplement the
computer filling in all the data so that you feel you're there in real
time watching the things that really happen in those other places. Yet,
when it comes time for a battle that the aliens never thought they'd have
to have with their own separate set of adopted humans, they use real ships
travelling through real space. So, both are employed. Wouldn't be hard
to substitute mobile suits for ships. There is no substitute for actually
physically stomping the shit out of somebody.

At some point you can't describe everything because then you're writing
about a simulation, not a story. No author goes into great detail about
how cars work or cell phones operate now because it's pretty standard and
boring. Once VR is a more common subject or, better yet, actually here,
it too will not need the large background story that a movie like "The
Matrix" needed. As for how mobile suit technology would affect virtual
reality tech, and vice versa, that would take me longer to come up with
some sort of theory.


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