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>oh god, don't get me started on this...I can not BELIEVE the ancients of the
>were able to create Pyramids and other wonders. Well I do believe that,
what I
>do not believe is, and this appears to be a global thing, from the middle
>ages/feudal age (forgive me I am not well versed in history or correct
>terminology of respective eras), technological advancement like *almost* stops
>for 1000 years. Why has this happened? I believe it to be the powers that be
>(religious leaders, emperors/kings) discouraged advancement in academics, and
>while this was happening, counties were slaughtering each other for
>land/religions reasons.

This is the classic "Argument from Personal Incredulity" -- a logical
fallacy that starts off with a single true statement: "I can't believe...."

Never mind any evidence for or against a proposition, *YOU* can't believe
it could happen that way, so obviously there must be some other explanation.

What does your personal belief system have to do with the truth or lack of
same of any assertion?


I used to be a pretty good artist and my wife was the best calligrapher
I've ever known. Both of us gave up the practice to pursue other interests
and now neither of us can produce anything like what we did twenty years
ago. Out of practice and unwilling to expend the time and effort to
relearn the lost skills.

We both, however, developed other skills, becoming writers of some renown.
I make my living doing technical writing, while Allyson does collaborative
fiction, which is arguably the most difficult type of writing there is.

We sometimes unearth some of our early artwork and wonder:

However did we do it...?


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