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Alfred Urrutia writes,

>I'm surprised that virtual reality didn't have any contribution to the plot
>of Gundam. It would seem a cheaper way to interact with people in other
>colonies or on Earth than having to physically go there.

  Perhaps you could generalize sci-fi writers pick and choose technologies
to suit the themes they wish to explore. Alfred Bester, for example, was
known for picking a single counter-factual premise - the existence of
telepathy or teleportation, for instance - and speculating about how it
would affect huma society and civilization.

  Quite likely, even now that virtual reality and a worldwide
communications infrastructure are becoming realities, Tomino might have
chosen to exclude them from Gundam if they weren't subjects he wanted to
examine and speculate about. On the flip side, it's unlikely we'll see
giant robots in Serial Experiments Lain.

  Essay question: Aside from the simulator wars of Cyber Trooper Virtual
On, how would you conjoin the subjects of virtual reality and Gundam-esque
space opera? How would the use of humanoid fighting machines, the expansion
of humanity into space, and the possibility of human evolution enabled by
technology affect the use of virtual reality technology - and vice versa?

-- Mark

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