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> t's a nice thought, certainly. But take a look at this list. Who is going
> out and forging an Earth-benefitting path to enlightened living? No one
> here
> that I can see. I don't mean it as a bad thing, just that everyone is
> waiting
> for someone else to take the first step and so nothing is getting done. It
> then degenerates into living our daily lives and trying to make enough
> to live well. Most rich, power-hungry types are not in the habit of giving
> away their money. And money ain't the only barrier. Laws prevent many
> great
> things from happening and allows for stupid shit to continue.

Excatly right. I wish I had thought of that. Wouldn't it be cool to explore
the galaxy though? The world governments should build a star ship to explore
the galaxies or at least our galaxy. Of course this will never happen in our
life time, as like you say the laws and there are too many hostile countries
that seem to like to fight. It all comes down to politics, people who can't
get along or agree or respect other peoples beliefs, and money.

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