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On Apr 7, 8:25pm, Michael Garner wasted bandwidth discussing:

> Have any of you ever played or heard of the RPG called Mage: The Ascension.
> The movie was directly influenced from it. Just with a few things changed.
> The basic concept is a bunch of mages fighting for control of reality (In
> our time). Mages are awakened humans who realize that reality can do there
> bidding. Thus with enough power, they can make reality do whatever they
> wish. Stop bullets in mid air, speed themselves up, turn someone into
> light energy. What does this really have to do with the topic? Well
> essentially it is a far cry from Gundam, since the supernatural element is
> far weaker in Gundam. That and I just thought it might be cool to point out
> the Matrix's concept. Sorry about the OT.

I haven't heard that, about the influence. Did "Mage: The Ascension" take
place in cyberspace? I read sci-fi novels with closer ties to "The Matrix"
than the videogame you describe.

I'm surprised that virtual reality didn't have any contribution to the plot
of Gundam. It would seem a cheaper way to interact with people in other
colonies or on Earth than having to physically go there.


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