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Thu, 08 Apr 1999 12:57:18 +1200 wrote:

> > Kill kill kill, call me cynical, but has the neo-cortex really make use more
> > intelligent than other animals?
> I know what you mean. Humans should use their technology to explore space,
> underwater, devote more attention to cures for diseases, I could go on and on
> :)

Thanks to some of the replies, and as Chaos says, it needed some deciphering, so I
was in a bad mood ^^; It was more well received than I thought.

> I know war is unavoidable sometimes. I am not anti-violence, but wars and
> killing gets old. I like action in Video Games, Gundam, movies, etc., but I
> wouldn't want to be in a war.

Ya know, when I first watched CCA, (I haven't told anyone this yet, but I will
now) I'm kind of wished (and I still feel the same way) Char did succeed in
dropping Axcis. Hopefully it would take something catastrophic like to make us
humans to realise how 'silly' (flame me!) we can be.

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