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Y Choe asks,

>In your schedule, do you have the infamous Zakrello and other horrific
>creations known only as Mobile Armours?

  I'm not sure, but since they appear late in the war and I'm doing these
in strict chronological order, I won't have to decide until this winter. ;-)

>What about all those nifty Side Story mechas as well?

  On a case-by-case basis. My original intention was to do only the
original mobile suits and the classic MSVs, but I think I'll end up doing
at least a few guest stars from 08th MS Team and Blue Destiny.

>Will we see the Ifrit and his cousin the Ifrit Exam?

 The Cross Dimension version of the Ifrit will probably be inserted into
the lineup (perhaps retroactively added to the presently-short "Terrestrial
Front" page where the Desert Zaku family hang out).

>What about the Gundam Pixxie, which also has a tattoo on its shoulder!?

  Nah, I don't think so... it doesn't really serve any purpose.

  However, I am planning to run the 08th MS Team GM and Gundam and the RD4
Zaku, since these fill identifiable (albeit spurious) niches in the
evolution of the classic mobile suits. Likewise, I'll probably do the Alex,
the Kaempfer, and some of the 0080 GMs in their turn... though I'm less
certain about the 0080 Zaku, Rick Dom, and Gelgoog, since these are really
just redrawn versions of the regular mobile suits (and I dunno if I can
make them look as cool as Izubuchi did!). 0083's Gelgoog Marine is a likely
candidate, but not the F2 Zaku.

  Fortunately, the 0080 and 0083 mobile suits show up at the end of the
war, so I won't have to make up my mind for quite a while. In the meantime,
I'll selectively run some of the 08th MS Team mobile suits. Other than
that, the next couple of months will be straight-up Goufs, Doms, and R2

-- Mark

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