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> oh god, don't get me started on this...I can not BELIEVE the ancients of
> past
> were able to create Pyramids and other wonders. Well I do believe that,
> what I
> do not believe is, and this appears to be a global thing, from the middle
> ages/feudal age (forgive me I am not well versed in history or correct
> terminology of respective eras), technological advancement like *almost*
> stops
> for 1000 years. Why has this happened? I believe it to be the powers
> be
> (religious leaders, emperors/kings) discouraged advancement in academics,
> and
> while this was happening, counties were slaughtering each other for
> land/religions reasons.
> IMO, only in the last 100 years (since the industrial revlution during the
> Victorian Era) has technology really begun to skyrocket again, huge
> advancements
> compared to the middle ages. But what do we make? Weapons of mass
> destruction.
> Kill kill kill, call me cynical, but has the neo-cortex really make use
> intelligent than other animals?

OK, after deciphering your post, I can say that while Europe stop all
technological development and backslid, China stayed stable with their
technology and the Middle East produced steel. But I believe your point was
more in direction of massed religion smothering any form of real cultural and
scientific development. If this was your point, then I agree with you. If
not, then oh well.

As to the war like nature of humanity, we only have one difference from the
rest of the animal kingdom, and that is the ability to change our environment
to suit our needs. Lions, wolves, and crocodiles defend their territory
through brute aggression, using their natural weapons. We don't have natural
weapons, so we invent new weapons. Those people are in my territory, I hit
them with a rock. If they hit back, I'll throw several rocks. If they throw
rocks back, I'll throw sharpened sticks. If they throw Sharpened sticks, I
use a stick thrower for more distance. If they do the same, I'll use a shield
to get close and stick them with my sharp rock. And so on. I would say that
since we don't have natural weapons, then we, as a species, have no reason to
limit ourselves in our ability to kill each other. And that is what makes us

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