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> Come on, boys and girls. We went through this already. Newtype is a very
> limited set of superpower. It's limited to an emphatic power. For
> example, Amuro can sense the hostile intention of a Zaku pilot sneaking up
> from behind. Remember the scene when Oracle said Neo is "not too bright"?
> Do you know what she was referring to? That should prove that Neo is not
> New (haha).
> And the superpower that Neo has is related to his ability to... oh, I
> don't want to spoil the movie to prove a point. Just think about it a
> little.

Neo has no super abilities, other than an expanded awareness. If my memory
serves me, that is what a New Type is. Neo has no extra abilities outside of
the Matrix, only in the Matrix. If I had to point to an ability that is very
New Type related, I would say that Neo learns very fast, even though he can
only understand what he experiences. He may not be too bright, but Amuro
didn't think of himself as being all that bright, either. Neo didn't display
any ability that no one else has, since he learned his "thing" by doing and
by experiencing. You could make the same case for the rest of the cast in the
movie. They just didn't have someone push them to greatness.

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