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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Turn-A & UC & The Matrix

> The AI was in total control, complete victory was at hand. The AI should
> be laughing, except that laughing is a lowly human activity. The AI
> should be God-like, who honor a half-worthy enemy simply by coming down
> and talking to Morpheus. The AI/God should not be preading with Morpheus,
> it should be ... what's the word... benehovent in explaining some higher
> Truth to the lowly human.
> Being angry is such a human trait. OK, I hear you say Agent Smith is not
> Matrix, but still even Agent Smith is far superior to any human.

If the AI was in total control there would be nothing gained in running
from them. No escape. Nothing gained from resisting. Total control.
But a Sentinel is just another program, a great one, but like Morpheus said,
held to the same Matrix laws as the humans. Not so godlike, hmmm? The
That Sentinel, being self aware, was sick to death of being in the Matrix,
sick of humans, sick of the chase, sick of it all. And not so powerful that
it could just take the info it needed from Morpheus' head. It had to dig,
it had to hope that it would get what it needed or try *again* with
someone else. Not superior, different. Maybe you weren't watching the
same movie I was. Nowhere was it implied that Sentinels were the best
that the AI race could offer.


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