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Wed, 7 Apr 1999 16:36:56 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Alfred Urrutia wrote:
> > Otherwise, I love this character, good acting too. But damn he blew a big
> > scene.
> Are you kidding? The angry outburst is what made it great. An AI-spawned
> virtual construct could develop enough emotion and feeling that it would
> actually be fed up with its own purpose and job. One of my favorite scenes.
> How often would you expect to see that? And acted so well? He was almost
> pleading with Morpheus to free him.

hahaha, i can understand what you say. But what do you think about the
scene when Agent Smith interrogate Neo? I love the way he took off his
shades and said "I want to be forthright with you". Just that one
sentence is enough to bring some weaker souls to their knees.

The AI was in total control, complete victory was at hand. The AI should
be laughing, except that laughing is a lowly human activity. The AI
should be God-like, who honor a half-worthy enemy simply by coming down
and talking to Morpheus. The AI/God should not be preading with Morpheus,
it should be ... what's the word... benehovent in explaining some higher
Truth to the lowly human.

Being angry is such a human trait. OK, I hear you say Agent Smith is not
Matrix, but still even Agent Smith is far superior to any human.

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