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Mark Kai writes,

>Could this be Tomino's big joke to all the skeptical Gundam fan(atic)s
>who whine constantly about the lack of continuity in Gundam?

  You know, I sometimes wonder whether Japanese fans really worry about it
as much as Americans. Every great anime franchise - Yamato, Gundam, Macross
- and even merely popular ones - like Tenchi and Bubblegum Crisis - has
multiple, incompatible, conflicting continuities. And this starts early -
the second Yamato TV series is an alternate version of the second movie,
the Gundam movies conflict dramatically with the TV series they're based

  Americans, on the other hand, are real bores when it comes to continuity.
Every piddling little detail has to be attended to, and fans blow a gasket
when the creators mess up some piece of twenty-year-old trivia in Spiderman
or Star Trek. Then there's DC Comics, with these escalating continuity
reboots; at this point they've made such a mess of things that every couple
of years they have to blow up the universe and start over again. Give me
happy little continuity screw-ups any day...

-- Mark

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