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On Apr 7, 10:52pm, Michael Ip wasted bandwidth discussing:
> Subject: Re: [gundam] Turn-A & UC

> IMO, only in the last 100 years (since the industrial revlution during the
> Victorian Era) has technology really begun to skyrocket again, huge
> compared to the middle ages. But what do we make? Weapons of mass
> Kill kill kill, call me cynical, but has the neo-cortex really make use more
> intelligent than other animals?

Ya, PCs can wipe out whole city blocks if you unplug them wrong. You might
as well consider cloning to be on the same level with nerv agents, too. Yes,
everywhere I look, weapons. I live in a nuke silo, by the way. Keeps us
pretty warm in the winter. Driving to work in my self-propelled howitzer
with a full load of bio-agent rounds is a bitch, especially trying to park
it in the underground garage. Every time I use a cellphone and uplink to
the sat I notice dozen of children drop dead near me. But, hey, I gotta
make that phone call, you know? Fuck em.


"Clean... Mr. Clean was from some South Bronx shithole and I think the
 light and the space of Vietnam really put the zap on his head."

- Cpt. Willard, "Apocalypse Now"

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