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> ><< Definitly going to win best special effects next year, hands down.
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> > -Ranma
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> >I dunno, I think The Phantom Menace might have something to say about
> We'll just have to wait and see. Some of the footage in the version B
> trailer had CG artwork that needed a lot more work, I really hope what we
> saw was a work-in-progress like some of the shots from the version A
> trailer.
> Eddie

Well, *usually* that would have nothing to do with what movie gets the
effects Oscar. If "Phantom Menace" does nothing "new", just more and
better, it will lose to something else. "Matrix" would not be a bad
choice for the Oscar, that is true. It's partly why "Mighty Joe Young"
lost to "What Dreams May Come" this year. Fur? Seen it. Good comps?
Seen it. 2D oil paintings turned into 3D environments for actors to
run around it? Ya, that's different. So, "Matrix" might have a shot
whether "Phantom Menace" looks great or not.


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