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>oh god, don't get me started on this...I can not BELIEVE the ancients of
the past
>were able to create Pyramids and other wonders. Well I do believe that,
what I
>do not believe is, and this appears to be a global thing, from the
>ages/feudal age (forgive me I am not well versed in history or correct
>terminology of respective eras), technological advancement like *almost*
>for 1000 years. Why has this happened? I believe it to be the powers
that be
>(religious leaders, emperors/kings) discouraged advancement in
academics, and

Actually, the era, known as the Dark Ages for this reason, is full of
At one end of the spectrum, you have the technological backslide caused
the destruction of Rome and the burning of the Library in Alexandria,
then on
the other end of the extreme, you have the preservation of "Approved"
by the Roman Catholic Church. While many historians credit the Church
the preservation of a lot of information and knowledge, there is also the
very real
fact that any discoveries that the Church didn't approve of were
discouraged or
actively seeked out and destroyed.
So what you end up with is the philosophies of Aristotle and Principles
Geometry and Trigonometry being taught, while astronomy, cleanliness, and

proper medical procedures are suppressed.

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