Re: [gundam] The Gundam "Legend"

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 08:42:59 -0700 (MST)

> alleged founding date is most likely nothing more than an arbritrary date
> coined centuries later by a guess grounded in legend.

  Then we have no idea WHAT the year 2345 is really based on... great. I
guess it doesn't really matter anyway, since it is off in its own freaky

> takes place in 2345 does not necessarily mean that the people on Earth have
> any substantial records from the year 0001.

  Hm, but you'd think they'd have at least some broad general knowledge of
the 'era' that the calendar was founded on. My point is, that if they know
that there was a point from which space-travel began and they have even
_legendary_ knowledge of THAT time so far back, then they _must_ have
knowledge of all the subsequent massive spacewars that occurred. If that
is the case, it's kinda hard to think that they should be surprised when
they see MS or dig one up.

> > Then what are wars two through four? ZG, ZZG, VG?
> One Year War (First, 08th MS Team, 0080)

  The BIG schebang!

> Delarz Conflict (0083)

  A terrorist action, no more.

> Gryps War/Gryps War (early half)/Titans' Revolt (Z)

  An "Internal Conflict"?

> Neo Zeon War [of Resistance] I/Gryps War (latter half)/Hamaan War (ZZ)
> Neo Zeon War [of Resistance] II/Axis War/Char's Revolt (Char's Counterattack)

  An insurgency?

> Founding of Cosmo Babylonia War (F91)

  Another terrorist action/small invasion.

> Zanscare War (V)

  This was a real full-scale invasion.

> stories evolved during production). Personally, I find the existence of
> multiple names for some of the UC wars/conflicts quite realistic, if
> sometimes confusing. ^^;


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