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Egan Loo wrote:

??? OMG it's Egan Loo! I haven't seen that name for a while :)

> >> Hm... so maybe the "Seventh Space War" of Gundam X really _is_ the
> >> seventh space war? If so, were G Gundam's "Chaos Wars" and Gundam W's "Eve
> >> Wars" the fifth and sixth? Ow, my head hurts.

so does AC actually follow UC in the, same universe?

> Ooh, these are topics I've been wanting to discuss:
> 1) Which events can be categorized as minor conflicts and which were major
> wars?
> 2) How many have there been?
> 3) How many different names have been invented for some of the wars?
> The last time I ran this through my mind, I came up the following:

> One Year War (First, 08th MS Team, 0080)
> Delarz Conflict (0083)
> Gryps War/Gryps War (early half)/Titans' Revolt (Z)
> Neo Zeon War [of Resistance] I/Gryps War (latter half)/Hamaan War (ZZ)
> Neo Zeon War [of Resistance] II/Axis War/Char's Revolt (Char's Counterattack)
> Founding of Cosmo Babylonia War (F91)
> Zanscare War (V)

I posted a question like this before, mainly pointing asking how big was the
Gryps Crisis was compared to the say the OYW, and the repsonse was in short, OYW
was big, nothing bigger (anything that comes close at all?). Z was like as Mark
Simmons replies, like a cops and robbers show. As for CCA and 0083, I think
these were still small, but certinaly consequences were very much history making
if the story went the other way. I kinda though F91 was kind of a small one
like F91. I haven't seen the others to qualify to make comment on others.

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