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Hi, Egan!

>Ooh, these are topics I've been wanting to discuss:
>1) Which events can be categorized as minor conflicts and which were major
>2) How many have there been?
>3) How many different names have been invented for some of the wars?

  Well, I'd be hard-pressed to put most of the UC conflicts in the same
category as the One Year War - most were far from global in their impact.
The Delaz Conflict was largely swept under the rug, Char's Neo Zeon
uprising was just a week-long crisis, and the Cosmo Babylonia conflict
was confined to the four colonies of the Frontier Side. The Gryps
conflict and the first Neo Zeon campaign went on long enough, but at a
pretty low level of intensity.

  On the other hand, how can you describe any conflict in which large
objects get dropped on the earth as a minor conflict? Maybe we should
define any struggle involving a colony drop as a "space war," since this
is after all the ultimate act of spacenoid-versus-earthnoid aggression.
In this case, the Delaz conflict and the first and second Neo Zeon
uprising would qualify. And Angel Halo may not have actually hit the
ground, but I'm prepared to classify it as an honorary impactor. :-)

>It's interesting how some conflagarations can be considered separate wars
>or different phases of the same war (reflecting the convoluted way their
>stories evolved during production).

  And, for that matter, the One Year War is often referred to as the Zeon
War of Independence - especially before it was over, at which point
nobody knew how long it would last. ;-)

Probe writes,

> But on the other hand, the F-91 head is kinda funky looking, people
>might not have realized that it was the "Gundam" legend they were trying
>to evoke. Sorta like painting a tiger face on your brand new F-22... they
>might not realize you're doing it to make it look like a spitfire or

  Hm, maybe so. Especially when its face is "open," at which point it
doesn't look much like a Gundam at all.

> Don't they call it "That white MS"?

  Yep - just like the original Gundam, in fact. That's at Chronocle's
insistence, since he won't dignify the enemy's mobile suit with the
Gundam name. (Makes you wonder why the Zanscare didn't just build their own!)

> Cool! "The Phantom MS"!


> EXCEPT: There is one explanation that covers both of these situations.
>Perhaps it is not the gundam HEAD, but the Gundam _color_scheme_ that
>evokes the Gundam legend, just like the Red Baron! After all, the F-91's
>colors aren't the traditional Gundam's, though the V-Gundam's colors
>definately are. It's the sight of a white red and blue MS that might evoke
>the legend to the people of the UC, not necessarily just the two-finned

  On the other hand, there are a lot of other white mobile suits (albeit
seldom with blue chests). Still, the color scheme must at least provide a
broad hint...

> Namely, the Jegans. Nobody can really glamorize THOSE poor MS much.
>Still, there is certainly some nostalgia value derived from the old
>classic MS, after all, why have a MS-museum otherwise?

  Especially one with a mirror-image Zaku... <grin>

> Yep! Whatever you do, don't repeat THAT war! And after all, no matter
>what happened later in Gundam, nothing ever got as close to the scale of
>the 1YW. Might have been nice to see squads and squads of 'refurbished'
>de-mothballed 1YW GMs launching in "Operation Star-Two" against the
>Zanscar in VG, eh?

  It's always nice to see refitted antiques show up, like the GM IIIs at
the end of CCA or the Jegans in F91. Does seem rather more realistic...

-- Mark

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