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At 9:44 PM -0700 99.4.6, Prabal Nandy wrote:
>> >Well, if Turn-A is indeed some two to three hundred years after Victory
>> Try two _thousand_ years. The calendar year 2345 is supposed numbered
>> from the dawn of the space age, and should thus roughly correspond to the
>> AC or UC calendars. If Turn A really is built on the ruins of every
> Yikes! That's a LONG LONG time! Still, the fact that they know _when_
>the space age began implies that they must have _some_ historical records
>of that time.... after all, what would they be measuring time _from_?

Apocrypha, for one. ^^ For example, the Roman Empire based its calendar
system upon the founding of Rome by the twins Romulus and Remus. There is
one catch -- historians think the twins never existed. ^^; Historians think
that Rome began, like most other ancient cities, as clustering of villages
that grew together before written records were saved. As a result, the
alleged founding date is most likely nothing more than an arbritrary date
coined centuries later by a guess grounded in legend.

The same is true of other calendar systems including the Mayan, and to a
lesser extent, the Christian calendar system. (There are some really
interesting discussions on whether Jesus Christ was born 4 years "Before
Christ," but that is probably off-topic. ^^;) The fact that Turn A Gundam
takes place in 2345 does not necessarily mean that the people on Earth have
any substantial records from the year 0001.

>> Hm... so maybe the "Seventh Space War" of Gundam X really _is_ the
>> seventh space war? If so, were G Gundam's "Chaos Wars" and Gundam W's "Eve
>> Wars" the fifth and sixth? Ow, my head hurts.
> Then what are wars two through four? ZG, ZZG, VG?

Ooh, these are topics I've been wanting to discuss:
1) Which events can be categorized as minor conflicts and which were major
2) How many have there been?
3) How many different names have been invented for some of the wars?
The last time I ran this through my mind, I came up the following:

One Year War (First, 08th MS Team, 0080)
Delarz Conflict (0083)
Gryps War/Gryps War (early half)/Titans' Revolt (Z)
Neo Zeon War [of Resistance] I/Gryps War (latter half)/Hamaan War (ZZ)
Neo Zeon War [of Resistance] II/Axis War/Char's Revolt (Char's Counterattack)
Founding of Cosmo Babylonia War (F91)
Zanscare War (V)

It's interesting how some conflagarations can be considered separate wars
or different phases of the same war (reflecting the convoluted way their
stories evolved during production). Personally, I find the existence of
multiple names for some of the UC wars/conflicts quite realistic, if
sometimes confusing. ^^;

Egan Loo
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