Re: [gundam] The Gundam

Mark Nguyen (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 23:13:44 PDT

> Yeah, it sounds to be more of a philosophical 'afterward' then a
>one. I.e., "This show isn't about all those Gundam stories, this is
>supposed to be about what happens _after_ all those gundam stories"

Perhaps it's a bit more litteral; after all, this new series in in
1999, after all the preceding series, OVAs and movies! WIth the
exception of the 8MST series, although it'scertainly starting after

I *might* be able to buy the UC universe theory... Two thousand years
is a long time! As for the alternate universes, I though both Gundams
W and X both evaolved Mobile Suits during, or just prior to the
series; The Gundam Wing Zero was the prototype for all MS, and
the "Seventh Space War" in X was the first one in which they used


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