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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 21:50:48 -0700 (MST)

> At least not until all our magnetic storage media disintegrates, heh heh...

  Don't worry, our current and new magentoptic storage technologies will

> >Here's a question: In V-Gundam, just how legendary IS the Gundam image?
> That's rather unclear. In Gundam F91, it seems like the Gundam is
> obscure; SNRI's engineers put a Gundam head on the F91 as a kind of
> in-joke, which only some of the characters get.

  But on the other hand, the F-91 head is kinda funky looking, people
might not have realized that it was the "Gundam" legend they were trying
to evoke. Sorta like painting a tiger face on your brand new F-22... they
might not realize you're doing it to make it look like a spitfire or

> Gundam name has such power that the Zanscare make a point of not using it
> to refer to the title mobile suit - Chronocle actually corrects his men
> when they call the enemy a Gundam! And in the first chapter of Crossbone

  Don't they call it "That white MS"?

> Gundam, characters gossip about mysterious attacks on energy transport
> ships and decide that reports of attacking Gundams are just hype - "the
> media calls anything with two antennae a Gundam."

  Cool! "The Phantom MS"!

> F91 excepted, it seems that the Gundam is indeed pretty legendary.
> Perhaps it's on the order of painting a fighter plane red to evoke the Red
> Baron...

  That would be my bet...
  EXCEPT: There is one explanation that covers both of these situations.
Perhaps it is not the gundam HEAD, but the Gundam _color_scheme_ that
evokes the Gundam legend, just like the Red Baron! After all, the F-91's
colors aren't the traditional Gundam's, though the V-Gundam's colors
definately are. It's the sight of a white red and blue MS that might evoke
the legend to the people of the UC, not necessarily just the two-finned

> >mechanics gather around campfires and trade stories about how their
> >grandparents worked on MS that were (gasp) over twenty meters tall?
> Heh! I kinda doubt it - there are still enough of the old-style mobile
> suits around that people can tell how crappy they are compared to the

  Namely, the Jegans. Nobody can really glamorize THOSE poor MS much.
Still, there is certainly some nostalgia value derived from the old
classic MS, after all, why have a MS-museum otherwise?

> I'm sure they think of the One Year War as we think of World War II - the
> epic war that changed the course of history, to which all later conflicts
> are compared, and which politicians everywhere hope will never be repeated.

  Yep! Whatever you do, don't repeat THAT war! And after all, no matter
what happened later in Gundam, nothing ever got as close to the scale of
the 1YW. Might have been nice to see squads and squads of 'refurbished'
de-mothballed 1YW GMs launching in "Operation Star-Two" against the
Zanscar in VG, eh?


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