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>><< eh? what? what company? where? anyone make a hover tank? anything?
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>>nope just the body armor for the main characters and some kind of navy seal
>There was a transforming Hover Tank toy, distributed by Matchbox in 1986,
>to the same scale as their Robotech action figures. I've got my Dana
>Sterling action figure piloting her Hover Tank in Tank mode -- or, if you
>prefer, my Jeanne Fránçaix action figure piloting her ATAC 01-SCA in
>Hovertank mode -- over on the non-Gundam table, between the VF-1S Super
>Valkyrie (marketed by Hasbro as an Autobot Transformer Jet-Fire) and the
>Gakken AFC-01Z Legioss (VAF-6J Alpha Fighter). I picked all of them up for
>cheap at Toys 'R' Us circa 1989....

There was also a hover tank toy for the exo-squad/ robotech seies. it
transformed too. wish I picked it up. Sometime between 1995-1996.


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