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><< eh? what? what company? where? anyone make a hover tank? anything?
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>nope just the body armor for the main characters and some kind of navy seal

There was a transforming Hover Tank toy, distributed by Matchbox in 1986,
to the same scale as their Robotech action figures. I've got my Dana
Sterling action figure piloting her Hover Tank in Tank mode -- or, if you
prefer, my Jeanne Fránçaix action figure piloting her ATAC 01-SCA in
Hovertank mode -- over on the non-Gundam table, between the VF-1S Super
Valkyrie (marketed by Hasbro as an Autobot Transformer Jet-Fire) and the
Gakken AFC-01Z Legioss (VAF-6J Alpha Fighter). I picked all of them up for
cheap at Toys 'R' Us circa 1989....


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