RE: [gundam] The Gundam "Legend"

Y. Choe (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 19:28:04 -0700

> >I can see the Spacenoids breaking off all contact with Earth over some
> >internal
> >problem like all the colonies finally seceding from the Earth
> Federation and
> >simply boycotting Earth all together.
> Ah, but where did the colonies go? Did they finally say "to hell with
> it," strap on big old rocket engines, and leave the Earthdwellers
> behind to
> sort out their own problems? :-)

All colonies were dropped on earth after the "Seventh Space War" or
something. At least, it was so catastrophic enough so that the mankind were
collectively knocked into kingdom come. Thus, it's a small miracle that all
the mobile suits managed to survive the impact of colonies.

Either that or the errant Axis (which we don't see much of after CCA) became
the pinball, and all the colonies became the bumpers. :)

> The notion that Turn A takes place after _all_ previous Gundam series is
> still a tough one to swallow. I think I'll hold off trying to
> make sense of
> it until the story gets to that point...

Alternate universe coalescing into one giant universe, kinda like that one
Star Trek Episode with a gazillion enterprises? That could be a
possibility, right?

Y. Choe

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