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> Try two _thousand_ years. The calendar year 2345 is supposed numbered
> from the dawn of the space age, and should thus roughly correspond to the
> AC or UC calendars. If Turn A really is built on the ruins of every
> previous Gundam show, then I guess Tomino figured that twenty centuries was
> enough time for humanity to go through a few cycles of reaching space,
> developing mobile suits, and then knocking itself back to the
> pre-industrial age in huge wars of some kind. ;-)

My mistake, no problem.

> Hm... so maybe the "Seventh Space War" of Gundam X really _is_ the
> seventh space war? If so, were G Gundam's "Chaos Wars" and Gundam W's "Eve
> Wars" the fifth and sixth? Ow, my head hurts.

Actually, that does make some sense. The relics shouldn't be UC, but After
Wars. I kind of like that. It would really tie everything together.

> Ah, but where did the colonies go? Did they finally say "to hell with
> it," strap on big old rocket engines, and leave the Earthdwellers behind to
> sort out their own problems? :-)

Maybe the colonies are still there? Or, maybe the big war was fought, all of
the colonies were destroyed, Earth was cut off and blasted into the stone
age, and the Moon was the only civilization left in the Earth space system.
Earthnoids survived to the 19th century technological level, while the
Lunarians got tired of just barley holding on to life on a harsh world. So,
the invasion Earth begins.

> The notion that Turn A takes place after _all_ previous Gundam series is
> still a tough one to swallow. I think I'll hold off trying to make sense of
> it until the story gets to that point...

I can see it now. I'm really intrigued by the notion of tying all of the
After Wars series into UC, and your halfhearted point strikes home this idea.
Like I said, I like it. And I will happily await any screw ups that come
along and blow this out of the water. :)

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