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> At the very least, I'd figure they'd have fun talking about the
> relatively HUGE battles in the OYW, to which all subsequent battles have
> never compared (as we've discussed here before). Thoughts on this?
> Mark-II

Well, if Turn-A is indeed some two to three hundred years after Victory, I
can see the Spacenoids breaking off all contact with Earth over some internal
problem like all the colonies finally seceding from the Earth Federation and
simply boycotting Earth all together. After a century or two of living as
their ancestors did (the cultural preserves we heard about all the time), and
eventually forgetting were all those hidden bases are (as we see in Victory),
maybe the Earthnoids have just forgotten that space travel was real, and not
just some unbelievable story that parents tell their children. If my memory
serves me, weren't the culture preserves kept at a technological level below
the industrial age? If so, it shouldn't be all that surprising that they are
now just reaching the early 1900s in technology by the time the Lunarians
decide Earth is again prime real-estate. Technology should continue to
progress in space, just like on earth, but at a higher technical level
starting point (i.e., still having Mecha and space flight). It makes sense
that older Mecha from bygone days are unearthed, since all of those
underground bases have been lost for centuries. But should those Mecha be
Double Zeta era instead of Victory? I remember that in Victory, they used an
abandoned Earth base to manufacture new Mecha, but without any really new
technology, until newer war research could be developed (the V2, so to
speak). Well, I guess we'll eventually see, as the series continues.

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