Re: Re:OT [gundam] Civilian Space Travel

Mark Kuettner (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 14:57:44 PDT

>> I never said we should give our technology up on the basis of where
>> it comes from, or we are condoning the Nazis. But it's not something
>> to be fond of. It's what's done with the technology, Al, and the
>> matter of how it is acquired that matters.
>> Mark Kai
>Well, then I still don't get that "ick" comment. How was the
>acquired? We simply took it from them, they developed it. Nothing bad
>there. And what was done with it? The used it to try and win a war,
>used it to try and further develop rocket/jet engines.

That's my point. What's done with it. Just don't forget where it comes

>"Jeff's fucked because the budget to shoot a movie about giant purple
> dicks shooting DNA-resequencing froth across all of Earth from low
> orbit can't be calculated with modern computers. Not yet. Not for
> forty years."

Future Disney movie? *grin*

Mark Kai
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