Re: [gundam] Gundam Convention

Mark Kuettner (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 14:51:21 PDT

>> Last two pictures are GKs. I'm guessing 1st one is RX-178 Mk-II
>> version, and the other is Big Zam Katoki version. I believe they
>> both on sale (heck, Big Zam came out at the end of last month).
>GK is a garage kit, right? Geez, I wouldn't mind a Katoki-ized RX-178
MG kit.
>That'd be nice.

I'm ordering the 1:144 Katoki MK-II from HLJ; it's the best version
of the MK-II I have seen. I wish Bandai would have stuck to Katoki's
version for the MG MK-II like they (sorta) did for Zeta.
That Big Zam is a kick, too. I hope they give Ka free reign on these
new Guncannon and Gyan kits.

Mark Kai
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