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Tue, 6 Apr 1999 17:41:40 -0400

> Well, the classic answer is "no", you have to putty, sand prime and
> completely cover over the sprue-scars. In reality, for _certain_
> kinds/colors of plastic, you can sand the 'bump' down, and then apply a
> little dab of clear-coat (future floor wax) which fills-in the scar and
> blends it into the rest of the surface. Alternately, if you're feelin'
> lazy, you can dab just a touch of drybrushed paint of the same color over
> the scar area and at least from arm's-legnth away it will look okay. But
> as always, the best solution is to repaint the entire damn thing.
> -Probe

I've found that testors gold and silver paints (and conversely, paint markers)
are a pretty decent match for the shiny colors, along with some of the "metallic
flake" shades. I also ordered some of the "metallic" color gundam markers but
don't know how those'll compare.

Also, let me warn you this because I found out the hard way: if you're going to
use glue ANYWHERE on a plated model, be very careful! I use testors plastic
cement (the liquid stuff that dries really fast) and it eats away at the color!
The shiiny chrome plating is still there, but it'll be silver-ish. I put
together a VF-19 shiny version 1/100 kit over the weekend and there's a
not-quite-but-still noticeable blemish on its right shoulder where some glue
spilled over.

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