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> This is going a bit off topic, but I think you might want to
> take a look at the book "Fingerprints of the Gods" by Graham Hancock.
> I'm not completely convinced by his theories, but he presents one hell
> of an intriguing case. For example, some of the monuments found near the
> Pyramids consist of blocks weighing an estimated 100 - 200 tons.
> Our most powerful crane can - according to Hancock, with several
> weeks preparation and a team of skilled engineering assistants - lift
> about 200 tons.
> Kinda makes the "thousands of slaves and wooden A-frames" theory
> look a bit silly, doesn't it? ^_^

Not really. Pure, raw muscle power has performed many feats of impossibility.
Besides, we now know that slaves were not used at all in the construction of
the Pyramids, but hundreds of thousands of contract labors and architects
skilled in the use of the available tools at the time. Just like the Side
colonies in Gundam, any near impossible construction project can only be
attempted when the need is great. And when enough people see and understand a
need, miracles can happen. So, put enough desire behind it, and the resources
necessary for the job, and almost anything can be accomplished.

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