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Mark Nguyen writes,

>I dunno about that. Cataclysic events aside, I'm pretty sure we won't be
>losing too much knowledge about the how-to-dos of our era.

  At least not until all our magnetic storage media disintegrates, heh heh...

>Whecih brings up a significant point. In V Gundam, the existance of the
>V Gundam itself is predicated on evoking the Gundam legend of seventy
>years ago; in essence, it's almost like making an F-22 fighter that
>looks like Billy Bishop's Sopwith Camel, for sentimental reasons.
>Here's a question: In V-Gundam, just how legendary IS the Gundam image?
>How often does it pop into regular conversation? Has it evolved to the
>point of King Arthur, or Robin Hood and his merry Mobile Suits?

  That's rather unclear. In Gundam F91, it seems like the Gundam is
obscure; SNRI's engineers put a Gundam head on the F91 as a kind of
in-joke, which only some of the characters get.

  However, later series make a bigger deal out of it. In V Gundam, the
Gundam name has such power that the Zanscare make a point of not using it
to refer to the title mobile suit - Chronocle actually corrects his men
when they call the enemy a Gundam! And in the first chapter of Crossbone
Gundam, characters gossip about mysterious attacks on energy transport
ships and decide that reports of attacking Gundams are just hype - "the
media calls anything with two antennae a Gundam."

  F91 excepted, it seems that the Gundam is indeed pretty legendary.
Perhaps it's on the order of painting a fighter plane red to evoke the Red

>What about the Gundam mechanics themselves, then? It's obvious that the
>V-Gundam and its counterparts are several times more advanced than the
>first suits... Have they been relegated to legend as well? Do young
>mechanics gather around campfires and trade stories about how their
>grandparents worked on MS that were (gasp) over twenty meters tall?

  Heh! I kinda doubt it - there are still enough of the old-style mobile
suits around that people can tell how crappy they are compared to the
modern miniatures. There are only a handful of mobile suits that might
reasonably be considered legendary feats of _technology_, such as the Nu

>At the very least, I'd figure they'd have fun talking about the
>relatively HUGE battles in the OYW, to which all subsequent battles have
>never compared (as we've discussed here before). Thoughts on this?

  I'm sure they think of the One Year War as we think of World War II - the
epic war that changed the course of history, to which all later conflicts
are compared, and which politicians everywhere hope will never be repeated.

-- Mark

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